Coronavirus and Your Social Media Platforms

It’s a weird, confusing time, isn’t it? You may have felt overwhelmed this week and had to take a break, just to clear your mind and await more government announcements.

When you’re ready, I’m here to tell you: DO NOT QUARANTINE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.

It is more crucial than ever before that you continue to show up. That you keep consistent. That you provide value to your ideal client.

While the UK is in lockdown (apart from key workers), more eyeballs than EVER are on their social medias. WhatsApp usage is up by 40% at the time of writing this post. Even if you are ‘working from home’, it’s easy to get distracted and run off on a tangent, to check in with the outside world. As a business, it is vital that you keep your posts consistent, as you have been before.

If you provide value to your ideal customers and keep in front of their minds, you are going to be remembered when those customers are ready to buy from you again. And that might not be straight away, depending on your product or service. But what you are doing in the meantime is laying the foundations of that relationship and building that trust by showing authority to your clients. That means you know what you’re talking about and, when they face that problem again, you have the answer to solve it.

You may wish to pivot your business, if you are in the position to do so. Think outside of the box. Think of how you can help your customers right now. It might feel icky, but if you are providing a valuable product or service, you still have customers that want to buy from you.

An example of this for Jelly Bean Social is our VIBeans package. It’s a service where people can learn how to do their social media for themselves while they are self isolating or social distancing, so it gives them an opportunity to improve their business on their own. It’s at a lower price point than our full social media management packages but the price point is affordable during these uncertain times.

As news is still being announced, it’s probably best that you don’t schedule posts right now, in case you post something that is irrelevant. This can come across as lazy, like you don’t really care about your followers. Check your analytics in the morning and post valuable content at the right time for your audience.

What not to do? Don’t ignore what is happening right now. Make sure that you are sensitive in all of your posts. Don’t make fun of or minimise the situation. The world as we know it has turned upside down and the whole world has been affected by what is going on at the moment.