Have you joined one of Jelly Bean’s LinkedIn engagement groups yet?

Posting quality content on LinkedIn is a fail-safe way to generate more exposure for your business and start attracting attention from like-minded people (and, of course, potential clients).

But what if you’re not getting the likes, comments and other interactions you’re hoping for?

What if you’re failing to cut through the feed? Or LinkedIn’s crazy algorithms are stopping your carefully perfected prose from reaching the people that matter?

You need to join Jelly Bean’s LinkedIn engagement group – that’s what!

I know, I know…

…Engagement groups are frowned upon by a lot of social media managers.

Some social strategists think that asking the same bunch of people to engage with EVERY post you make is ‘cheating the system’. They reckon engagement pods can have a detrimental effect in the longer term by making your profile look spammy and unprofessional.

We agree, actually. We’ve tried out an automated engagement group in the past, and while it gave us the views, the likes and the (automated) comments we thought we needed to make our content more prominent, it didn’t bring us any extra business.

Bots can’t beat genuine feedback, nor can they create genuine connections. They can’t make up for bad content, either. You need organic interactions to keep authentic conversations going.

There’s no harm in asking for help, though.

We can help you guarantee more engagement on LinkedIn, without being spammy or inauthentic.

We run LinkedIn engagement groups via WhatsApp that are designed to help everyone involved increase their visibility and improve their organic reach by helping each other out.

Once you’ve joined, you don’t need to dedicate loads of time to the cause.

All you need to do is set aside half an hour every morning to publish your own LinkedIn content and engage with other members’ posts. The more relevant, insightful, and in-depth your contributions are, the better – but even if it’s just a quick update, or a fleeting like or share, every little helps!

Packing these tasks in to just 30 minutes leaves you free to focus on your business for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that you’ve posted something of value to your followers, and our incredible community is working hard behind the scenes to help you promote your business.

You’ll never forget to get involved, because we’ll send you handy prompts and reminders straight to your phone. And by being part of one of our WhatsApp engagement tribes, you’ll be able to:

  • Get feedback on your post ideas
  • Take inspiration from other successful business owners
  • Make new connections
  • Ask us and the other members for advice on anything you like, from what a good headline looks like to all the fantastic features the platform offers.

Contact us now to join one of our simple yet effective LinkedIn engagement groups! To minimise conflicts of interest, we only allow one person from any particular industry into the chat. But if all slots are filled, don’t worry – we’re launching new ‘pods’ all the time, and if you register your interest now, we’ll drop you a message when we’ve got another group up and running.