What Is Social Media Marketing?

Our business is a social media marketing agency. But what is social media marketing and what does that mean for you and your business?

Social media marketing is using social media to build your business by connecting with your audience. There are loads of reasons to use social media (check out the benefits to social media marketing here) but the main ones are building your brand, increasing your sales and to driving traffic website.

Back in the day (almost twenty years ago now!), businesses shared content to generate traffic to their websites in the hope of a sale. But nowadays, social media can be used by businesses in a whole range of different ways to ensure that the platform helps with the business’ social media goals.

There are FIVE steps that your social media manager needs to understand before even posting.

  1. Strategy.
    What are your goals? What platforms should you be concentrating on? What is your content and are your ideal clients attracted to that content? We run a regular FREE social media strategy workshop regularly – click here to register your interest in our next one!
  2. Planning and Publishing.
    It’s important to be consistent on social media. By having a presence, it unleashes a huge opportunity to be discovered by your future customers. Publishing is as easy as posting some content (e.g. a blog post, an image or a video) to a social media platform. Be sure to plan your content ahead of time so you can ensure you are posting at the right time for when your followers are online. This means that they will more than likely see your content and it increases the chances of engagement from your followers and fans.
  3. Social Listening and Engagement.
    Knowing what your customers are talking about helps you to plan your content to fix your client’s pain points – some that you might not have even thought about! For the most part, people will comment on your social media posts, tag you or message you directly. People could also be talking about your brand without tagging you! Make sure you reply back to these comments (both positive or negative) to help with your brand identity.
  4. Analytics.
    We’ve mentioned this before, but analytics give you a LOT of information when it comes to your audience and how well your posts are doing. From here, you can create a specific plan of action and use content that your followers are actually engaging with – which helps with building relationships, establishing trust and sales conversion.
  5. Advertising.
    When you have exhausted your organic strategy, it might be worth looking into ads. These don’t have to cost the earth, but once you start paying, the social networks will expect more paying frequently, so delay this as much as possible! Social media advertising or sponsored ads can define a specific type of audience to see your advertisements. It’s super powerful because it literally puts you in front of the ideal person who are more likely to buy your products. You can define your audience by behaviour, interests and demographics such as gender, age and location.

Need a helping hand? We hold regular FREE strategy Facebook groups to help businesses to really hone in on their goals, their ideal customers and give them direction with their socials. Just contact us to find out more about the next one!